This Program is Blocked by Group Policy

“First solve the problem, then write the code.’

This method of programming is invented by the computer itself. Nobody invented this code, everyone started on their own, failed many times and then eventually made the final code of their programme.

Reader, don’t you think computers and human life has got some similarities?

 Both teach you so many new things every day, demand to be update for the next level and throw challenges and problems at every step that you have to solve?

But why are we discussing all this? Because we know you can handle your daily life challenges yourself but you need us in dealing with some technical problems like facing ‘this program is blocked by group policy’ while downloading a software.

What to do then? How to solve it? worry not because we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you that will help you in overcoming this problem every time you face it.

So, if you are interested in grabbing all the knowledge then see below a hub a detailed information on this topic and update yourself with the required info.

Starting off with the table of content to make your search easy and classified.

What is Group policy?
Why does group policy popup/block a program from running?
How to fix it?
Some addition ‘Group policy’ updates.

Now let’s collect all the required details.

Grabbing the Essentials

This Program is Blocked by Group Policy
Source: windows explored

“The first essentials, of course, is to know what you want.”

Well, you already know what you want, don’t you? but then what are we grabbing here? We are here to understand the root cause of this problem, how it appears? Why does it pop-up and then we will move on to the part where other essential information like solving this problem will be mentioned.


The group policy project better known as GPO is a collection of policy settings. These settings or the policy group is actually a very useful tool because it contains several different settings that are advanced in nature and useful for deciding the look of a system and its behaviour.

These settings are useful also because it is explicitly related to network administrators and are further linked to a directory organizational unit that can be applied to computers as well as the users.

Talking about the reason why you see this popup window on your screen while downloading a program and what causes the group policy to show up? 

When a user receives This program is blocked by group policy error popup, it means that the application cannot be accessed because the Group Policy of the system is blocking the app from running.

Would you like to know why such problems occur? Why policy group blocks certain programs? Do you have any interest in knowing how to fix it? 

because we have more than one way to explain the problem and its solution in detail to you.

Okay, then get excited and continue reading!

Reasons and Explanations

“A problem is half solved when the problem is thoroughly understood.”

We have solved some of the problem by defining group policy to you and to solve the rest of it is important to first understand why group policy blocks your programs from running so that its solution becomes easy and worth it.

This Program is Blocked by Group Policy
Source: videohelpforum


There are three major and popular reason that causes group policy to block user programs from running.

  1. Bugs in Software.
  2. Third-party security programs causing this issue.
  3. Software Restriction Policy.


We all know that there are different kinds of unwanted bugs that create various problems in your PC’s smooth running which are associated with computer applications and software. What you might not know is that these bugs have the capacity to affect a system’s behaviour.

So, it’s quite possible that these bugs have enabled the software restriction group policy which is why you are facing the ‘This program is blocked by group policy’ issue.


Firstly, you have to that the software restriction policy is not a harmful thing. Secondly, sometimes the user himself enables software restriction policy specific purposes.

But the problem occurs when he/she forgets about it and don’t turn it off when the purpose is fulfilled.

And now, when the software restriction policy is running in the ground because you enabled it, it will start causing issues for sure and will also act in the places where you don’t want it to. This is how a useful tool becomes the most annoying thing and prevents the running of applications and programs that you need.


In most of the cases the security programs that we install on our computers like AVAST that claim to protect our systems from unwanted app installations are the real culprits.

While they protect us from different harmful viruses and malware attacks, some of them even prevent a user from being hacked with their high security features.

Nobody is against these security programs since there is a lot of risk of getting hacked and getting your valuable information leaked into the wrong hands.

However, the thing that these security programs and their settings sometimes protect us way too much that they don’t even let us download or run an application we want.

Now, you know the most possible root causes of this issue? It is easier to learn its cure now. So then let’s see what are all the ways in which these issues can bel solved and group policy will grant you permission to run a program or will not block you from using it in the first place.

This Program is Blocked by Group Policy
This Program is Blocked by Group Policy

Unblocking the Blocked

“Thinking will not solve the problem but actions will.”

Since we are here to unblock the blocked programs, we must take the action and not just be sad about the group policy’s restrictions.

And to help you in taking the action, we have prepared a guide on how do I fix group policy, for you.


  1. Creating a new user:

Sometimes the user can get bugs or get affected by malware etc and if you think the problem in your program is due to these bugs from the corrupted files that are causing different kinds of errors then the best way to get rid of these errors is by creating a new user.

Creating a new user on your pc may save you from different corrupted files and their bugs. Also, this will stop you from facing anymore ‘this program is blocked by group policy’ popups.

  1. Performing a clean boot:

A clean boot is something beneficial and helps in killing all of the issues at once. Not only that but it will also save a lot of time and energy while solving the problem for you.

The third-party applications on the computer can cause interference with apps that can also result into the issue of ‘This program is blocked by group policy.’

And you must know that the best way to get rid of these third-party apps interference in your computer operations is by doing a clean boot that is very effective and will help you in getting rid of the problem.

And to do that you just have to do the following:

  • Open ‘Run’ on your PC.
  • Now go to ‘msconfig’ and select ‘selective start-up’.
  • After that uncheck all the ‘load start-up’ items except for ‘load system services’ keep this one un-checked.
  • Now, go to ‘Services’ tab and check ‘hide all Microsoft services’ > and then click on ‘disable all’.
  • Then open ‘task manager’ and disable all start-ups, by selecting one by one and then finally clicking on the “disable” option.
  • After that click on ‘apply’ and ‘ok’ and then restart your PC.
  1. Disable the software restriction policy using .BAT file:

To disable the software restriction policy, you need make a ‘new notepad file’ file on your desktop by right clicking on it. Now once you have created a new notepad file past the following lines of code in that file. “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Safer\CodeIdentifiers\ /v DefaultLevel /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00040000 /f”.

Now, here are the steps:

  • save the document with any name of your choice but make sure that the file’s name ends with .BAT.
  • open the file from where you have saved it and,
  • if asked, give it the required confirmation so that the file with .BAT extension can launch a command prompt that you have saved in it and execute the process.
  • Once the command prompt is done with executing the command-line successfully, it will get closed by itself and you will have to restart your PC to compete the process. 

Now, when the PC restarts after finishing reboot just try launching the app again and see if it works or not.

  1. Using Reg. Editor to remove config group policies:

Do you know reader that with the registry editor tool you can disable the software restriction policy?

If no then you have to see the steps mentioned below:

  • Search for ‘regedit’ via run window so that regedit can open the registry editor tool for you.
  • Now, Go to the ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’ and open Software folder.
  • After that click on ‘policies’ and look for the ‘Microsoft Folder’.
  • Right-click on the “Microsoft’ folder’s sub-key and then click on delete option.
  • Then click yes to confirm the action and finish the process.

After completing the above-mentioned actions, do the following steps:

  • Go to the ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’ and find “Software” folder to open Microsoft.
  • Then look for ‘windows’ under the Microsoft option and inside it there will be a CurrentVesrion folder.
  • Now right click on the group policy subkey under the current version and click on delete. It will turn the software restriction policy off
  • Now restart your computer and try running the application to see if the problem is fixed or not.

These were the four best and most effective solutions for you to get rid of group policy’s interference, try them out and see which one works the best for you while we move onto some other small tips and trick to solve the same problems in some more different and effective ways.

Some more Fixing

“Problems get solved only when you are willing to solve them.”

So, since we are giving you some last minute, small and easy tricks to fix group policy issue, you must know that its you who ultimately has to do the needful by following the steps, only then you will get rid of this problem.

Coming back to the point, here’s what we have got for you.


If you have ever seen the Windows Defender error message showing ‘This program is blocked by group policy’ it is because you installed another antivirus program that isn’t fully compatible with Microsoft’s built-in antivirus and therefore you are getting this message.

To fix this problem you have to:

  • Go to local computer policy on your PC and open administrative templates.
  • From there, click on windows components and locate windows defender antivirus.
  • Select windows defender then click on ‘turn off the windows defender Antivirus’ option.
  • After opening it in the new window, click on disable and hit OK to make the changes and save the settings.
This Program is Blocked by Group Policy
Source: minitool

This program is blocked by Group Policy gpedit:

In this case, the ‘this program is blocked by group policy’ error occurs because the affected user enable the software restriction policy and forgets about it. Or in some cases, another application or bug from a program turns on without the user’s knowledge which then creates problems.

To solve this issue, go to Control Panel and open administrative tools. Click on local security policy and then select software restriction policies. Now click on it and remove the restrictions.

This program is blocked by group policy Microsoft Store

There are cases where the ‘this program is blocked by Group policy’ shows up because the computer automatically disabled their device driver. You can turn it on in the Microsoft store to fix this type of problem.

And that’s all folks. Now you have full knowledge of group policy and how to deal with it. congrats on that.


A small computer has a vast world inside of it. A world full of filles, folders, bugs, programs, updates, software, applications, downloads, uploads, etc, and you cannot keep track of all these things all the time. But when one of them malfunctions, when you start seeing popups, warnings or you get glitches in your work. When smooth functioning gets difficult and you know something is happening in your PC, it’s time to rectify the problem and address it because you might have an unwanted friend (bug/virus) or changed setting waiting to see you.

Just like you did in this group policy’s case.

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