Tap Provider V9 for Private Tunnel Network – How to Resolve?

Are you in love with free software? Love to download and install them? Beware my friend! You might fall in the trap of Tap Provider V9 for Private Tunnel!

But why you could get into trouble? What is tap provider V9 for private tunnel?

Well, tap provider v9 for private tunnel is basically an adware program. This program sneaks into your PC through free software. This is called bundled installation method.

Have you seen options of asking for permission to install additional module while installing freeware? Yeah! That’s how this adware gets in! If you don’t be careful and give permission, it’ll copy its files to your hard disk and will create a new start-up key.

It will create folders with the name Tap provider V9 for Private Tunnel too in the program files of your C drive, or where the OS has been installed. Scary enough, huh?

Tap Provider V9 For Private Tunnel – How Does It Act?

It comes with the free software you download from the internet, or uses the fake servers to activate or register any software for free. It gets installed by the default process of installation of that software, or through the permission you give unknowingly while installing the software when it asks you to install add-ons.

Once it’s installed in your PC, it attaches itself with all leading browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. Then it’ll start showing you ads on them. Sometimes it leads you to false internet searches too!

Tap Provider V9 For Private Tunnel – How Does It Act
Tap Provider V9 For Private Tunnel – How Does It Act

Open VPN Technologies Tap Provider V9 – How Does It Affect?

Tap Provider V9, once installed in your PC, will start annoying you through numerous numbers of pop-up messages of asking you to install various software, or to open some certain pages, or to go to some certain websites. That’s because it has a tie-up with third-parties, and takes money to show their ads on your PC!

As it’s an adware, it’ll keep pushing you to install software by showing the ads with whom it has tied up. It will keep asking you to click on something through those pop-ups.

Because the more the pop-ups, the higher the chance to click on it. And more number of clicks means more business to them, which will bring them more money! And that is how they will make their profit.

So if you’re seeing random pop-ups asking to install software, programs, or whatever, there’s no doubt that this open VPN technologies virus has sneaked into your PC.

Tap Provider V9 For Private Tunnel KMS – What Is KMS?

KMS means Key Management Service. Basically Tap provider V9 is connected to a virtual network interface used by KMSpico. KMSpico uses this virtual network interface to activate MS Office by using a fake KMS server.

MS Office is a product of Microsoft and they ask to register and buy license to use this software. KMSpico helps to skip the registration part and helps you to register your copy of MS Office for free using that fake server. That means, your PC could be affected by this adware if you use KMSpico to activate MS Office.

But not using KMSpico does not help you to avoid this adware. Tap Provider V9 for Private Tunnel could enter in your PC by other freeware too.

Is Tap Provider V9 for Private Tunnel Network Safe?

Well, the instant answer is, NO! I mean, how could it be? It comes into your PC by the help of free software, and you’re allowing it to get installed by accident, or whatever you call it. I mean to say, you’re not installing it with your full concern. And that means, it is taking the backdoor to get entered in your PC! 

Though ad-supported programs are not usually considered as malware, but its main motto is to gain business by showing you ads. And one click on an ad means business to them. So they don’t care about what ads they are showing, or where you’ll end up clicking on them.

And the worst part is, the pages or the sites you’re directed to after clicking those pop-ups, could be malicious and could be a threat to your PC and your personal and confidential information stored in your PC.

Tap Provider V9 For Private Tunnel Network Reddit – What Does The Internet Say About It?

Tap Provider V9 For Private Tunnel Network Reddit
Tap Provider V9 For Private Tunnel Network Reddit

It is recommended that you should uninstall or remove this adware from your computer in order to get rid of annoying pop-ups, and to protect your personal files and information from going vulnerable to any third-party. But actually, uninstalling or deleting this adware from your computer is not so easy, rather a quite difficult job.

People from across the world are now suffering from this annoying adware, and are asking solutions in community networks like Reddit, Quora etc. Well, in community networks, there are various people with various opinions on the methods of how to remove tap provider v9 for private tunnel. But how would you judge if those are correct or not?

Don’t worry! I’m going to guide you step by step so that you can remove this annoying adware from your PC!

How To Remove Tap Provider V9 For Private Tunnel – Best Removal Method

Our experts have the best method to kick this annoying adware out from your PC. Just follow the steps below –

Find and Uninstall from Windows

In order to remove Tap Provider V9, try to find if there’s any entries in your PC naming KMSpico, AutoKMS, or similar like these. If found, uninstall them first.

If you’re using a Windows PC –

  • Open control panel.
  • Find the suspicious entry.
  • Right-click on that, and click Uninstall.
  • If User Control Account shows up, click on Yes.
  • Click OK once the uninstallation is finished.

If you’re using a MacOS –

  • Select Go > Applications from the menu bar.
  • Look for all related entries in the Applications.
  • Click on the app, hold, and drag it to Trash.

To fully remove an unwanted app in a MacOs, you’ll need to access application Support, LaunchAgents, and LaunchDaemons folders and delete relevant files from there.

Follow the steps below –

  • Select Go > Go To Folder.
  • Enter /Library/Application Support and press Enter.
  • Look for any dubious entries and delete if found.
  • Now enter the LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons by following the same way and delete all the related plist files.

Reset Your Browser

After deleting those entries, reset your browser to the default mode. It will help your browser to perform better and to stop showing you ads. You can change the settings as per your requirement again once it has been reset.

If you’re using Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, click on the Menu > Settings.
  • Scroll down and click Advanced.
  • Scroll down again to locate Reset and clean up.
  • Click Restore settings to their original defaults.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge –

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc and open Task Manager.
  • Click on More Details arrow which is at the bottom of the window.
  • Select the Details tab.
  • Scroll down to locate entries with Microsoft Edge name in it. Stop them from running by right-clicking on each of them and selecting End Task.

If this doesn’t work for you, you have to go for advanced reset.

Reset Your Browser
Reset Your Browser

Find the folder –


  • Select all its folders and delete them.
  • Right-click on start menu to pick Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • You’ll see a new window opened. Copy and paste the following command there


If you’re using Chromium-based MS edge – 

  • Click Menu > Settings.
  • Pick reset Settings on the left side.
  • Click restore settings to their default values.
  • Click on Reset to confirm resetting.

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox –

  • Click on the Menu after opening Mozilla Firefox.
  • Go to Help > Troubleshooting Information.
  • Click on Refresh Firefox under Give Firefox a tune up.
  • Confirm the action by clicking on Refresh Firefox once the pop-up shows up.

Scan Your PC

Once you’re done with all the steps above, you should scan your PC with a good anti-spyware program. It will help you to get rid of Tap Provider V9 for Private Tunnel registry faces. It will help you to identify related parasites or possible malware infections too!

Tap Adapter V9 For Private Tunnel – Is It harmful Too?

 Oh no! Not at all! This is completely a different thing!

The Tap Windows Adapter V9 is nothing but a virtual network interface which provides the functionality various VPN clients need to facilitate a VPN connection. It is entirely safe. It is NOT A VIRUS! Nor an adware too! It is a network driver which VPN services use to connect to servers. It is a component you need to install in your PC in order to use VPN service.

Though many people confused this with the fictitious adware Tap Provider V9 for Private Tunnel. But let me assure you, these two are as different as day and night!

Beware Of Threats!

People are sitting there to snatch all your private information! Beware of them and keep your PC from these kind of malware, adware, or viruses folks! 

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