I Keep Getting Netflix Error Code M7362-1269

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms which provides users with binge-worthy movies, TV series, anime, and many more. It can run on your phone, tablet, computer, TV, and any other device with subscription packs. It can be frustrating to get a Netflix Error Code M7362-1269 while watching your favorite anime.

Some users are getting error code M7362 1269 while trying to stream on this platform. If you are someone who wants to resolve this issue by themselves then follow this guide till the end. 

Most Google Chrome users and Microsoft Edge users are facing this error while streaming. Microsoft PC or laptop users are encountering this problem too. So, if you are also one of the victims check out these easy hacks below to resolve the issue.

In this quick guide on Netflix error code, we will discuss a few ways to solve the error code. These are very easy steps to follow.

What Is The Error Code For Netflix?

While streaming Netflix, users face different types of error codes. Few of them are browser-related. While others happen because of your network or connectivity issues. Few of them are VPN-related. Today we will discuss the error M7362 1269 in detail. 

What Is The Error Code For Netflix?
What Is The Error Code For Netflix?

On Netflix What Is The Error Code M7362 1269?

Netflix error code M7362 1269 is a browser-related error that keeps on bugging Netflix users. It occurs when the browser you are using to stream Netflix has information or cached data that needs to be refreshed. In other words, the error is caused by some expired cache and cookies on your browser.

How Do I Fix Netflix Error M7362 1269?

To fix the error code M7362 1269 follow these easy methods below.

Before heading over to the possible hacks below, make sure to restart your browser and computer. Sometimes the restarting process can fix the software or browser application-related glitch smoothly. However, if the restart doesn’t work for you, then try to clear the browser cache and cookies too. Now, let’s quickly jump into the brief guide on this.

●    Wiping Netflix Cookies From Your Browser

Each and every webpage that we visit nowadays uses cookies in some form or another. With the help of these cookies, the visited website identifies and tracks their users moving out or/ and coming back on their pages again. On the other hand, cookies do help to load the page faster as compared to the previous time.

While doing so, if the browser finds expired Netflix cookies, this may result in error code M7362 1269. Here is how you can clear such cookies –

Click the Sign In option available at the top-right corner of the webpage. Use your Netflix id and password to log into your Netflix account. With this easy step, your cookies will get auto-cleared.

Now that you have logged into Netflix, check if the M7362-1269 bug is still occurring or has been resolved.

●    Wiping Your Browser’S Cache

In most cases, this is your browser’s cache that is averting Netflix to work smoothly and setting off the M7362-1269 issue. To get rid of this bug, you must clear the unwanted browser cache associated with your Netflix account. Here’s how to execute this task –

Open the default web browser where you generally watch Netflix shows or movies. Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys altogether to the “Clear Browsing Data” page. Select “All time” using the Time range drop-down menu, mark all the checkboxes available there, and click ‘Clear data”.

Close all running windows on your browser and restart your computer. Doing so will delete any leftover files too. From now on Netflix should work without getting into any error message like M7362 1269.

●    Rebooting Your Computer

In some instances, affected users have claimed that this is a temporary bug that can be fixed automatically when the browser or the PC was restarted.

If the bug is indeed being caused by a corrupted temporary file, then rebooting your computer or restarting your browser should wipe the temporary folder and resolve the Netflix Error Code M7362-1269.

Rebooting Your Computer
Rebooting Your Computer

Also, keep in mind that the Netflix streaming service will only save history data or login in-between browser restarts. So, if you want to restart your device then it’ll most likely fix the bug for you.

So if you haven’t followed this procedure already, restart your computer and wait a while until the next startup before trying to stream content from Netflix once again.

Well, If the same error code occurs even after you performed the restart, then look to the other potential solution below.

●    Updating Your Browser

Where you should check for updates depends on what browser you are using. Normally you can check if there are available updates if you go to the About page of your browser. For example, go to About Google Chrome under Help and install. See if updates are available.

For those using Mozilla Firefox, click on the Firefox tab on the menu bar and select About Firefox. You can check for the latest updates there. Do not forget to always restart your browser after each update.

●    Turning Off Your Ad Blocker

If none of the above-mentioned ways of fixing Netflix errors are working for you then it is possible that you are using an ad-blocking solution at your browser level via extension. It might be a possible chance that Netflix is denying access to your browser because of it.

In case you are already using an ad blocker then the only way of fixing the problem is to turn off or uninstall the ad-blocking extension that is causing the issue.

Turning Off Your Ad Blocker
Turning Off Your Ad Blocker

After you install the ad-blocking as an extension, you can turn it off easily through the dedicated menu. On Chrome, you can also do this by just visiting the ‘chrome://extensions/’ page from the navigation bar.

Note: On Firefox, input ‘about addons’ inside the navigation bar and press Enter.

When you are inside the extension/add-in menu, you can identify the ad-blocking extension and either turn it off conventionally or erase it before restarting the browser and viewing whether the issue is now fixed.

●    Rebooting Your Browser

Sometimes just rebooting your browser can solve this problem. 

Exit or Close the web browser on your computer that you are using to stream Netflix. Check that the browser task is not running in the background. Now, Open Task Manager > Head over to the Processes > Look for the particular browser tasks, and if available.

Click on it and then choose End Task. Open the browser again and try running Netflix. This might help you solve the error code M7362 1269 that you are facing.


You can use one of these methods to solve Netflix Error Code M7362-1269. Use each solution one at a time and see which one helps you. We hope this article will be of help to you.

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