Fixing Problem Of Utorrent From Opening On Start-Up Windows 10

How To Stop Utorrent From Opening On Startup Windows 10 on Utorrent is a non-free or closed source software as well as advertising-supported software. Bit Torrent client owned it and its developer is “Rainberry, Inc”.

The program is mainly designed to utilize minimum computer resources in order to provide larger facilities to Bit Torrent clients.

The original author of uTorrent is “Ludvig Strigeus”. It was released on 18th September 2005. It works with an operating system like Linux. Microsoft Windows, Androids, and macOS.

Bit Torrent is peer-to-peer file-sharing communication. It stores Metadata, which allows downloading and sharing torrent files. uTorrent allows the users to download a large amount of data and it can be paused and resumed at any point in time.

The incomplete downloaded uTorrent file from one device can be transferred to another device easily.

Nature Of Utorrent

Whenever the users try to close uTorrent, it won’t close and the program continues to run.

In order to close uTorrent, the users should follow the steps-

  • Users can exit uTorrent directly from the file menu.
  • Right clicking on the uTorrent icon in the system tray or background process.
  • Then clicking the exit option.
  • The above procedure can also be done from uTorrent settings.

Ways To Stop Utorrent From Starting Automatically

In order to prevent uTorrent to start automatically, the users should follow the stated procedure-

Step 1– From the menu bar, the users should open the uTorrent.

Step 2– Select “preference” from the options menu.

Step 3– A dialogue box named “general” will open.

Step 4– From there the option “start uTorrent on system startup” should be disabled.

Step 5– Then users should click “ok”.

Step 6– Then the “preference” is also closed.

Fixing Problem Of Utorrent Starting

Fixing Problem Of Utorrent From Opening On Start-Up Windows 10
Fixing Problem Of Utorrent Starting

If uTorrent is not starting then several steps need to be followed-

  • The users should restart uTorrent through Task Manager.
  • Ctrl+shift+Esc→ uTorrent→ End Task→file→Run New Task Option→Browse.
  • The users should run the uTorrent as admin.
  • Right-click on uTorrent→ Properties→ Enable “Run this program as an administration” Option→Apply→ ok→ Restart Device→ Run uTorrent.
  • The users can delete the application data.
  • The users can delete several downloaded files.
  • Users can then re install the application.

Windows 10 Torrent

Windows 10 Torrent provides scope for peer-to-peer file sharing. It allows users to use anything from music, movies, television shows, and audiobooks.

The Torrent web is a widely used software for casual users.  Torch browser built-in app for downloading uTorrent in windows. “Vuze” is another renowned Torrent client for Windows.

Features And Characteristics Of Utorrent

uTorrent helps the user to download documents, pictures, e-books, videos. uTorrent software is legal but mainly used for digital piracy. It prevents users from downloading any sort of malicious file that can harm the device.

Any incomplete downloaded file can be shifted to another device at any time. The file will remain safe and further download will continue whenever enabled. uTorrent runs multiple applications and programs simultaneously.

How To Stop Utorrent From Opening On Start Up?

To prevent uTorrent from opening on startup, the users must follow the steps provided-

  • The users need to verify that in uTorrent the start up option should be disabled.
  • If uTorrent shortcut is underC:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Start up, then it should be removed as soon as possible.
  • Whenever Windows start, it will RUN each and every file in that directory.

How To Stop A Program From Running At Start-Up Windows 10?

Fixing Problem Of Utorrent From Opening On Start-Up Windows 10
How To Stop Utorrent From Opening On Startup?

To stop a program from running at startup windows 10, several methods ate to be taken into consideration-

  1. Users must right click on an empty area on the task bar.
  2. They should select “Task Manager”.
  3. As the task manager dialog box opens, users will click on “Start up Tab”.
  4. List of different applications and program will appear that are enabled during start up to run.
  5. In order to stop the programs from running, the desired app need to be selected.
  6. Clicking the disable button, the app is then “Disabled”.
  7. At last the users will select “Disable” from the menu present on the right bottom corner of the box.

How To Stop An Application From Opening At Start-Up?

The users in order to stop an application from opening must remember the following aspects-

  • Users can easily access the Task Manager using the shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+Esc and then can click on start up tab.
  • A dialog box will open containing lists of applications that are running.
  • Users will select the application that they need to stop running.
  • Then they will click Disable button to stop an application from opening at start up.
  • Then the disable option must be selected before leaving the dialog box.

How To Stop Utorrent From Opening On Start-Up Windows 10?

The users need to restart the device and Windows 10. Again after restart if uTorrent continues to open on startup then the following activities are to be followed-

Users need to adjust their preferences.

  • Run uTorrent→ clicking “Options”→ clicking the option of “Preference”→ dialogue box opens named “General”→ unchecking the option “Start uTorrent When Windows start”→ ok.
  • Pressing R+Windows→ “RUN” option → The word “MSConfig” is typed→ clicking “Start up”→ Opening Task Manager→ Selecting “Head to start up”→ Disabling uTorrent.
  • If the above methods are not applicable then users need to change the version of uTorrent.
  • The problem can also be solved by changing the Windows settings.
  • The users can remove uTorrent from the start-up directory.
  • The users should allow uTorrent to shut down before shutting the computer.

How To Stop Utorrent 3.5.3 From Opening On Start Up Windows 10?

Fixing Problem Of Utorrent From Opening On Start-Up Windows 10
How To Stop Utorrent 3.5.3 From Opening On Start-Up Windows 10?

The users should be aware of certain procedures to stop uTorrent 3.5.3 from opening on startup Windows 10-

  • The users should click the small Windows logo present in the bottom left corner of the computer’s screen
  • The users should type the word ‘’settings” on the panel that appears.
  • The option “settings” opens and the users should activate it by clicking.
  • The users should choose the option of “Apps”.
  • The “start up” option is enabled.
  • A list will appear and the “uTorrent” option will be chosen.
  • The users need to click off to de activate or stop uTorrent from opening.

How To Stop Utorrent 3.5.4 From Opening On Start-Up Windows 10?

For getting rid of the problem to stop uTorrent version 3.5.4 from opening on startup windows 10, there are several possible solutions that the users need to memorize.

Solution 1- Users sometimes need to click the hidden icon symbol present in the bottom right corner of the computer screen and all uTorrent aspects need to be closed immediately.

Solution 2- As uTorrent can run multiple programs simultaneously so users have to close each and every program individually.

Solution 3- For stopping uTorrent from opening, users need to choose the “file” option and then select the “quit/close” option.

Solution 4- Sometimes malfunctioning of the Windows can create problems regarding the closing of uTorrent.

Solution 5– Users need to keep updating the uTorrent whenever a new version is available.

How To Stop Utorrent Web From Opening On Start Up Windows 10?

To fix the problem to stop uTorrent web from opening on startup Windows 10, the following steps need to be followed-

Complete close down of all programs of uTorrent each and every time after using it.File → Exit is present in the upper left menu.
Disabling uTorrent Autorun at the time of installationDisabling “Start uTorrent when Windows starts up”→ Next to continue.
Adjusting general preferencesOpening of uTorrent→ Clicking on “options”→ choosing “preferences”→ “General” dialog box appears→ unchecking of “start uTorrent when windows start” option→ clicking on “Apply”→ okuTorrent is closed and the device should be restarted.
Disabling automatic startup of uTorrent in Task manager.Task manager→ choosing “startup” tab→ choosing uTorrent→ clicking the “disable” button present in the bottom right corner.
Switching off uTorrent start-up in Windows settings.Start →settings → selecting “Apps” section→ clicking on startup tab→ searching uTorrent and click the turn of the switch.
Removing uTorrent from the start-up directory.C drive→ view menu → checking hidden items in the submenu→ program data→ Microsoft→ windows→ start menu→ programs → startup.

How To Stop Utorrent 3.5.5 From Opening On Start-Up Windows 10?

The ways to stop uTorrent 3.5.5 from opening on startup, steps are as follows-

  1. Clicking Windows Logo→Selecting “settings”→ click on “Settings”→ click on Apps→ click on start up→ choosing of uTorrent→ disabling “uTorrent”.
  2. C drive→ enabling “show hidden files”→ selecting folder of “program data”→ click on “Microsoft”→ click “windows”→start menu→ programs→ start up→ uTorrent folder→ delete all.

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