How To Resolve The Errors Of The Witcher 3 Script Compilation?

The Witcher 3 is a well-known title due to the diverse gameplay and magnificent graphics. Rare people are aware that Witcher 3 script contains a famous modding community, and modding is one of the most common things with the respective game.

Thus, bulks of modes are currently getting the Witcher 3 script compilation errors. But they are unable to find the way how to witcher 3 script compilation error fix.  

Such errors occur while trying to run the game with mods on other mod managing tools or nexus mode managers. Here the question arises what is causing such errors? How to resolve the errors? Well, don’t worry; we are here to help you out.

witcher 3 script compilation error fix
witcher 3 script compilation error fix

At the following points, we have given a detailed explanation regarding the issues resolving ways and more. Take a look here: –

What is causing the script compilation errors in “Witcher 3”?

Numerous Witcher 3 lovers are looking for How do I fix the script compilation error in Witcher 3? Here, we will love to inform you that we have gone through deeply behind the reasons causing errors on our test benches, and we have concluded the following terms. Take a look here to know more: –

The outdated game patch: – it is mandatory to install the latest or newly launched game patch before applying any modes present on the game.

If you have not installed the newly launched game patch, then the witcher 3 script compilation errors will occur once again while playing the game. 

The outdated or faulty mods: – if you are trying to install the outdated or faulty mods, then the errors will keep popping up. These errors will often occur during the gameplay, and that is one of the most disturbing things.

It will be recommended to the Witcher 3 lover to prefer installing the mods that are not incompatible with one another, and they are known to play with numerous mods present there. 

Incorrect telemetry keyword: – the witcher 3 wild hunt script compilation errors can also spring up if a wrong telemetry keyword is configured.

It will be beneficial to reconfigure the telemetry keyword and ensure that you have prioritized selecting the proper and required one. 

The corrupt files in the hack folder: – there are other reasons you are facing such errors as some you might have installed the corrupted files in the hack folder.

But there are some circumstances when it can be installed in such a folder automatically. It will be recommended to delete these files before applying any preventive measures for such errors. 

The corrupt files in the hack folder
The corrupt files in the hack folder

With the help of the points mentioned above, we are familiar with some of the most common reasons that trigger such issues. Now we move towards the fixation process that you must prefer implementing. Check out the following details.

The Witcher 3 scrip compilation errors fixing process: –

If you are willing to fix such issues automatically on your PC, list, diagnose and rectify the errors. We will recommend users who prefer opting for the restore repair tool that can easily do all such tasks with a single click. Moreover, read out the following points to explore more ways to resolve such issues: –

Solution no. 1: – removal of faulty mod

In most cases, the script compilations errors occur in Witcher 3 due to the recently installed mods are contradicted with each other. The mods are one of the essential parts that must be used with the game due to extra added features to the game.

With the help of such traits, the players are going to get enhanced quality games. But on the other hand, they might cause some major trouble if a single mod is outdated or disturbing the other ones. This might become a hectic task to find the faulty mod and to disable it.

The exquisite approach to solving these issues is that users must delete the mod folder present in the game’s directory.

After that, install all the mods once again one by one and notice which mod triggers the errors. This is how you will get to know the answer of How do I use Witcher 3 mod manager?

Solution no. 2: – download unification patch

Open your favorite browser after that; download the unification patch for the “Witcher 3”. Once you are done with the downloading, then you must copy the content and mods folders and paste them in the game’s directory of your Witcher 3 folder.

Most people might be wondering, Where is my Witcher 3 main folder? Well, it is there at the suggested or preferred location by the users.

With such things, you will be able to get the witcher 3 error content 0, which will help you to reduce issues to zero. After that, you need to click on the copy and replace it from the window present on your screen.

Where is my Witcher 3 main folder
Where is my Witcher 3 main folder

Once the replacement of folders is done safely, then launch the game and check if the Witcher 3 script compilation errors are rectified or not.

Solution no.3: – game and mods updated version

Open your favorite browser and download the different patches from a reliable website. Once you are done with the downloading part, then you need to place a single folder and install them in sequence.

In order to install the patch, you need to open the folder and double-click on the executable file present here.

Now you need to press the update button from the window that is appeared on your screen. You can’t use the script merger tool here. But you can use it later on when there’s a requirement of it, and users don’t need to learn how to use script merger witcher 3 from search engine.

Solution no.4: – merging the mod scripts 

Launch your web browser and download the script manager, then double click on the download file. Players need to follow the instructions on the screen in order to install the script merger.

Now probably you must be wondering, How do you merge scripts in Witcher 3? Open the script manager at the home screen and click on the three dots present parallel to the text field.

Users need to click on the refresh to figure out the conflicts in the mods present there. Here’s an important step you need to select the faulty mods and click on the chosen merge script button.

This is how the mods will get repaired automatically, and the faulty mods which need to get fixed will appear on the screen.

merging the mod scripts
merging the mod scripts

When you see them on screen, then you must press the ok button, and you will get to see 3 columns there. The mods that need to be repaired will appear in the upper columns by getting highlighted with yellow.

Now repair the mods and scroll down to locate the output column and look for the merge columns option.

Players must press right-click on such a line and after all these things, navigate the file tab and opt for saves to save changes. Here comes the last part: click on the ok button that says merged files and close the script merger and start the game to notice some more errors.

Solution no.5: – update telemetry keyword and delete the hack folder

Here we are with the last but impressive solution the users need to navigate to the tasks folder in the directory of Witcher 3. Now they need to delete the folder and go back to the scripts folder, and after that, open the folder labeled engine.

Here you need to create the text document and paste certain essential lines into it. The users must name the folder as telemetryKeyword ws.

But if you find out there is the same name file is present, you must change it and replace it with a newly created name. Moreover, it will be helpful for the users to prefer finding out some helpful faq to acquire more information regarding it.

The closure 

We are here to conclude that the witcher 3 script compilation error fix can be done quickly. But the users need to make sure that they have sufficient information regarding it to resolve issues faster.

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