Uwatchfreemovies: The Facts

Uwatchfreemovies is a site from where you can download or watch movies, web series, or TV series that have already been released, But… Yes! There is a big ‘but’! Here I’ll discuss about everything of uwatchfreemovies.

Uwatchfree movies download: Can you download movies from here?

Yes! You can download, or even stream movies and web series that have already been released on any platform. You will find TV series and funny videos here too. But before you download anything from here, I want to share with you something. That is, uwatchfreemovies is basically an illegal site!

Now, why is uwatchfreemovies illegal? That’s because it gives you free movies! That is enough reason, right? I mean, who gives you things for free? Free movies mean piracy! And no one would say piracy is legal, isn’t it?

The journey of uwatchfreemovies started in the year 2013 which later turned into an open downpour site of movies. Here you’ll get movies and a series of various picture quality like HDrip, DVDrip, SDrip, CAMrip, 720p, 1080p, and many other qualities.

But as it’s an illegal site, many internet service providers have blocked it in many countries. So the makers of uwatchfreemovies found an idea to run this site. They keep changing the URL of it. There are many URLs of uwatchfree movies like uwatchfreemovies.tv, watch free, nu, watch free.sx, etc.

uwatch free movies: Does it have virus?

uwatch free movies Does it have virus
uwatch free movies Does it have virus

I asked you a question above. Who gives you free things? That is the main point here! Actually, nothing is free on this planet! Then you might ask, why uwatchfreemovies is giving free movies?

Actually many people try to access and download movies and web series from here. So it generally has a lot of traffic. And this site is linked to a particular server.

Now think, you have downloaded a movie from here. That means you’ve accessed the server of this site. Now if the server is affected by the virus, it could be downloaded to your PC too with the movie! That is the point! Hackers can hack and steal your personal data very easily by sending viruses to your PC through this kind of site.

Many people access this kind of free site, so it means much more personal data for hackers!

This site has another way of income like push advertisements. You’ll face many ads and you’ll be redirected to another site every single time you’ll try to download a movie or series from here. These all are not any faults. These happen to you because uwatchfreemovies take money for doing this.

Uwatchfreemovies Hindi: Does it have Hindi movies?


Uwatchfreemovies has movies of any language including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, dubbed English movies, Hindi dubbed Tamil and Telegu movies, and many more.

But as I said before, uwatchfreemovies is illegal in India, and you could even go to jail if you stream or download movies or web series from here. Though many people download movies from this site using VPNs!


gowatchfreemovies is a site similar to uwatchfreemovies. One can download, or stream movies, TV series, web series, or videos from this site too.

But let me tell you, all sites of this kind are banned and illegal in India, and you could face imprisonment for accessing these sites. But again, people are using VPNs to access these sites!

Why uwatchfreemovies is banned?

uwatchfreemovies is banned because it is free! That’s all!

Why uwatchfreemovies is banned
Why uwatchfreemovies is banned

People work hard and spend many sleepless nights and exhausting days to make a film. A producer spends a lot of money to make a film. And above all, a film is a commercial form of art, and that means, it is a form of business.

And if you get a product for free, it’s obviously a loss to the makers of it, right? That’s why piracy is a criminal offense and banned in India, and uploading and downloading pirated movies is also falls in this category.

However, uploading and downloading pirated movies and web series also violate Indian Copyright Act and Intellectual Property Act. That means, if you are streaming movies or web series from this site or downloading from here, you are violating too many rules of the Indian Penal Code.

So if you don’t want to go to jail, I’ll advise you not to stream or download anything from sites like this, or you’ll have to pay a bigger price in order to save the amount of the subscription fee or the price of the movie ticket!


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