No Man’s Sky – The Complete Game Guide

Hey, game lovers out there! No Man’s Sky is here with their most waited update!

No Man’s Sky is one of the most popular games in the world. Millions of gamers play this game every day. And like other developers, Developers to keep updating their game on a regular basis to make the game more attractive and appealing.

But the latest update contains such mechanics that a pro gamer like you too can end up scratching your head.

If you are going through such a situation, just leave all your worries up to us. We are here to help you with the full guide.

Salt Refractor Blueprint

Once you gather all the required materials for the Salt Refractor, you will need a blueprint to make it. You can get the blueprint from the manufacturing facilities. To find the manufacturing plants, fly low on a planet’s surface until you find one.

 Salt Refractor Blueprint
Salt Refractor Blueprint

To be sure that it is indeed a plant, shoot the doors of it with your starship gun. Once you get the blueprint, you will be able to make the refractor quite easily.

No Man’s Sky Salt

Salt is an element in No Man’s Sky NEXT. You can find salt in underwater minerals, and you can process it in a refiner to extract chlorine.

You can refine salt into the following elements –

  • Ammonia
  • Dioxite
  • Pyrite
  • Chlorine
  • Paraffinium
  • Uranium
  • Phosphorus

But remember, you won’t be able to craft salt without the help of the Salt Refractor.

Salt Refractor No Man’s Sky

. In the NEXT update of No Man’s Sky, Salt Refractor was added as a product. It is nothing but a light-scattering device taking advantage of the unique optical properties of polished and stabilized salt to both refract and slow passing photons.

You can get it from Galactic Trade Terminals.

It is used for crafting salt in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky Galactic Trade Terminal

Galactic Trade Terminal in No Man’s Sky gives you access to the Galactic Market. You can trade, sell, or purchase items in this market.

This is a kind of terminal which are found in space stations along with several Points of Interest locations on a planet. Players are allowed to build this kind of terminal on the base, or freighter.

Galactic Trade Terminal
Galactic Trade Terminal

You can interact with the terminal with the help of the interaction button on the controller. You have to choose whether you want to sell or buy items from the market first. Once you made the selection, you will see a list of the items.

Portable Reactor No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky Portable Reactor is nothing but a miniature self-controlled nuclear reactor that generates sub-stellar levels of energy in a convenience-free and widely compatible fuel model.

You can either craft this reactor from Fusion Accelerant or Liquid Explosives, or purchase this portable reactor.

You can find the blueprint of this reactor in Operations Centers and Manufacturing Facilities. You will need –

  • Fusion Accelerant x1.
  • Liquid Explosive x1.

These two components if you want to craft a portable reactor.

Or you can simply purchase it from Synthesis Laboratory for 250 bucks.

Chlorine No Man’s Sky

Chlorine is a resource in No Man’s Sky. The uses of No Man’s Sky Chlorine are different from the real-life Chlorine. It is used for crafting, cooking, and refining.

It is one of the earth materials and is used in manufacturing advanced technologies. You can get it from any Galactic Trade Terminals or can create it via refining salt.

Chlorine is used to craft –

  • Amimo Chamber
  • Nautilon Cannon
  • Tethys Beam

You can use Chlorine to repair the Rusted Circuits of the ships you find on planets.

Chlorine was first added in the NEXT update of the game as a resource.


  • What is the rarest thing in no man’s sky?

Diplo. It is basically a dinosaur that is extinct from the capital planet. No Man’s Sky players call this dinosaur Diplo. This is one of the rarest species you can find in the game. The encounter chance on a planet is only 0.25%.

  • Is No Man’s Sky worth it 2020?
Portable Reactor
Portable Reactor

If you like space games that have an incredible space exploration experience, you will surely love the game. You have to fight in space, trade in space and have to experience the mysterious stories of the planets.

You can also meet new people in the multiplayer version and finish cool missions that are given to you. In one word, yes! The game No man’s Sky is worth it in 2020.

  • Where is the sodium diode blueprint?

You will find the sodium diode blueprint in the Manufacturing Facilities. You will surely need the blueprint. If you have all the ingredients with you, even then you won’t be able to craft it without the help of the blueprint.

But remember, these facilities have Sentinels as guards. So blast the doors from your starship before entering the facilities.

  • Where is the sodium diode in no man’s sky?

You can either craft it on your own, or if you do not want to waste time, you can simply buy it from merchants or from any Galactic Trade Terminals of any space station. But remember, Sodium Diode is not available for sale all the time.

So it is good to have the backup of crafting it on your own at the time of requirement.

To Sum It Up

No Man’s Sky is one of the greatest space games of all time. It has so many exciting features and levels that you will enjoy for sure. You can explore the space together with your friends and can have the experience of exploring new worlds and planets over space.

We hope we cleared all the questions of yours related to No man’s Sky and now you can play them without worrying about a single thing! Happy gaming!

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