High Stakes Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: The Ultimate Action Role-Playing Video Game

Are you a pro gamer and madly in love with action role-playing video games? If the answer is yes, I am sure that you have a special place for The Witcher: Wild Hunt in your mind. This action role-playing video game wins the heart of millions of gamers since it is launched in the market.

Do you know the reason? It’s because of the unique features of the game. High Stakes in The Witcher 3 is one of those unique features which is quite popular among gamers.

Want to know more? Then this article is only for you. That’s because other than High Stakes, this article will cover many other important attributes related to this video game. They are as follows:

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Now you know that you can find many things that are important for the video game. Read carefully and check out yourself.

Here you go!

High Stakes- The High-Level Quest In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Do not ignore my warning. High Stakes is a high-level, secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is a quest that you can handle on any difficulty level in the video game.

I am quite sure that you have a lot of queries related to this quest, if you are a new-comer in this video game series. Well, let me share the information with you.

Witcher 3 High Stakes Quest involves entering a Gwent tournament at Passiflora in Novigrad. Okay, now don’t be afraid of these names. They all are fictitious places.

Witcher 3- High Stakes Walkthrough
Witcher 3- High Stakes Walkthrough

Now back to the quest again. You need a strong deck and Rs. 1000 for the entry fee. Do make sure that you have a hard save before you are about to enter the tournament. If it looks too challenging to you- anything like the Gwent, the combat, or the fist-fighting, you have the option for reloading and coming back later.

Wondering why am I saying this, Right? Once you enter the tournament, you have to give up the option of stepping back. That’s why do complete the Old Pals and Big City Players quests in order to make a stronger deck before this quest.

But one thing you can relax about. You needn’t to complete the quest to win the match. Winning these quests are necessary to get certain leader cards.

Witcher 3 Gwent Tournament- A Challenge For The Gamer

After you have entered, you only have two ways. You can go to any notice board in Novigrad and take notice of High Stakes Gwent Tournament. Another thing you can do is simply go to Passiflora and look for a Scribe to the north of Marquise Serenity. You can find him denying a potential Gwent player enter into the match.

Don’t be sad and face the rejection. Do talk to the scribe and show him your cards. It’s the time when you have to pay Rs. 1000 for entry fee. Yeah! I know! The High Stakes Tournament, really!

Now head upstairs. You’ll find a woman. She will let you know the names of your competitors. They are Patrick Hazelnutt, Bernard Tulle, Finneas, Bramble Fruntenstroch, Tim Knott, Harald Featherbuns and Sasha.

High Stakes Gwent

High Stake Gwent is really challenging. Count Tybalt invites you to come to Passiflora where he is proudly hosting the high stakes gwent tournament. There are also fabulous prizes, if you can win upon against your powerful opponent.

But as I have said earlier, you always need not win the gwent high stakes. If you lose at any point in the match. It’s totally okay.

Witcher 3- High Stakes Walkthrough: The Beginning Of The Tournament

So you have decided to fight against your superb competitors. Cool! Wither 3 High Stakes Walkthrough suggests you to go through the notice board near St. Gregory’s Bridge in Novigrad.

Already read it? That’s good. Now head towards Passiflora and talk to the scribe to make sure your entry into the tournament. After completing the clearance of the regular guests in Passiflora, You will have the opportunity to talk to some of your opponents, especially Sasha.

Get ready. The tournament begins from here.

Witcher 3 High Stakes Sasha- Toughest Opponent Ever

Witcher 3 High Stakes Sasha- Toughest Opponent Ever
Witcher 3 High Stakes Sasha- Toughest Opponent Ever

Sasha is a pseudonym. Can you believe that? Her real name is Carthia van Canten, who appeared at Passiflora in Novigrad and took part in High Stakes Gwent Tournament under the name of Sasha.

She is a Novigrad Spy, with a lively intelligence, a mercurial wit and an excellent memory. When Geralt, a competitor met her, she proposed a plan to steal and split the prize of the tournament. She made Geralt believe that she had a painful life and apparently because of that reason, she needed the money.

But she turned out to be a fraud at last.

Understand her strategy? She can cheat with you. If you lose at any of the points in the match, but somehow agree to help Sasha, you can skip the tournament and reach the end of the final round.

I’m sure that you realize why I call her the toughest opponent ever. The best you can do is to use your leader cards.

High Stakes Witcher 3 IGN

IGN or Imagine Games Network is the American video game and entertainment media which rates High Stakes witcher 3 9.3 out of 10. They designed the game in a way that you have to earn strong deck of Gwent cards and then go to Passiflora in the north of Novigrad.

There you can talk to a person with a side quest marker. You need Rs. 1000 fee for the Crown to take part in the match and then High Stakes side quest starts. Remember to defeat at least 4 strong gwent competitor to finish the quest.

Hold on. I recommend you to win the Northern Realms as it holds so many spy cards. You can wait and work towards the card-collector trophy before this. By then, you will surely come to know how Gwent works. Collect the best available cards and you can earn “Geralt and Friends” and “All In” naturally, without even giving much effort.

Yes. It’s that easy.

Witcher 3 High Stakes VG247

Witcher 3 High Stakes
Witcher 3 High Stakes

Well, there is a preview available in VG 24/7 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. But it may not content any new information. Still, it might be worthy to go through for some of you guys, especially for the new gamers.

Now I don’t have the screenshots or footage to show exactly what I mean to say. Allow me to just explain it you so that you can understand the scenario.

The landscapes of the Witcher 3 give Skyrim an extremely last-gen look. Its oceans allows Assassin’s Creed 4. The animated characters in Witcher 3 look a little rocky, apart from their sizzling attractive fencing. The large, static and stone faced characters pinwheels their arms in many gestures and their facial expression is like they have some sudden itches.

Funny, isn’t it?

High Stakes Witcher 3 Guide- For Gamers

You are on a very important track now. You need a complete guidance to finish the High Stakes Tournament Quest.

Warning: Wining all the matches in the quest is not important. You have to take part in the tournament as it is only way to get the gwent cards to complete the “Collect ‘Em All” quest.

  • Here is the High Stakes Witcher 3 Guide for you.
  • Look for the scribe in Passiflora. He’ll inform you of the details of the tournament.
  • Build a strong deck and make your Gwent cards strong as the matches are gonna be difficult.
  • Return back to the scribe with a stronger deck. You will meet Sasha- one of the mysterious participants. She’ll let you know about the other competitors and advises you to talk to them.
  • Win against your first opponent Bernard Tulle and receive Foltest- The Steel- Forged Card and 25 XP.
  • Meet Sasha at the balcony and agree to help her for winning the tournament.
  • Now your opponent is Sasha. After defeating her, you’ll get Emhyr var Emreis- The Relentless card and 50 XP.
  • Win against Finneas and get Francesca Findabair- Queen of Dol Blathanna card 50Xp.
  • Defeat Count Tybalt and get Eredin- Bringer of Death card.
  • Follow guards to the crime scene and investigate.
  • Use your witcher senses and look for clues behind the brothel.
  • Examine where the scent leads you. Use your sense correctly.
  • Find Sasha at the warehouse and climb up into it.
  • Examine minutely and win against Bernard and his goons.

After that, Sasha will ask you for dinner at Kingfisher inn. You can both agree and decline. For both you’ll get 40 xp and 4500 crowns.

Witcher 3 High Stakes Cards

Well. You better have those Witcher 3 High Stakes Cards with you. You need-
Foltest- the steel forged Gwent card
Emhyr var Emreis- the relentless Gwent card
Francesca Findabair-Queen of Dol Blathanna card
Eredin Destroyer of worlds Gwent cards

Defeated a match? No need to worry. These cards are your saviours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I win High Stakes witcher 3?

You can. Use your spies and decoys strategically in the 1st round. If you lose, gain a card advantage. Your decoys and Spies are the way to the victory.

Why do I meet Sasha at balcony?

Whether you win or lose, Sasha will ask to meet her at balcony. She secretly explains her plans to you. She’ll offer help to win the tournament prize.

How worthy is it to play The Witcher 3?

Well, it’s one of the greatest RPG games ever made according to my experience. It’s really a well-written game and the characters are greatly described.

Why do I need the High Stakes Cards in Witcher 3?

It’s for your safety. If you ever lose a game, you can take the advantage of the cards and remain in the tournament.

Can I repeat the high-stakes play?

Actually no. it’s just one off game. You can’t repeat any of them.

Go for the Game

Now that you’re completely aware of the High Stakes Gwent Tournament in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, I’m quite sure that you can play the game like a pro. Go ahead. Best of luck!


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