5 Easy Ways To Fix Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Error

Are you questioning yourself, “dragon age inquisition won’t launch?” Are you unable to play the game due to the error whenever you start it?

Fret not, gaming buddies!

By following our guide, you will be able to successfully overcome the “Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch” error and have a beautiful and smoother gaming experience.

But before approaching this guide, let’s find out why Dragon Age Inquisition Steam not launching Reddit or crashing and stopped working.

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  • Seven Main Causes Behind Dragon Age Inquisition Stopped Working Or Crashing While Launching Error
  • Five Solutions To Fix The Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Pc Error
  • Dragon Age Inquisition Launch Issue In Xbox One
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Our Final Thoughts On Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Issue

Seven Main Causes Behind Dragon Age Inquisition Stopped Working Or Crashing While Launching Error

5 Easy Ways To Fix Dragon Age Inquisition Won'T Launch Error
Seven Main Causes Behind Dragon Age Inquisition Stopped Working Or Crashing While Launching Error

Are you searching, “How do I fix Dragon Age: Inquisition crashes on the internet?”

If yes, then you have come to the right place to find out the main culprits. The causes behind the issue may differ, and it can get triggered due to various misconfigurations.

So here we are going to present some of the common ones that cause Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch Steam 2021, Windows 10, or Xbox error.

  • Corrupted Or Missing Files

In certain cases, missing or corrupted game files are the main causes of the error. As we all know, game files are important, and it’s a no-brainer that your game won’t open even if a single file is incomplete, corrupted, or not intact.

  • Administrative Rights

The Dragon Age Inquisition game requires administrative privileges so that some of the operations function properly. So, if you don’t grant the rights, it can lead to various problems with functionality on your computer.

  • Background Processes And Services

There are various services and processes which run in the background of your computer system.

And most of the time, third-party apps and Windows services create problems and interfere with the Dragon Age Inquisition launch. Moreover, it ruins the functionality of the game elements.

  • Directx/Vc Redist Version

The Direct X and VC Redist comes with the game installer. You can also find it in the installation folder. There are high chances that both versions might be coinciding with the game.

Thus, it prevents Dragon Age Inquisition from launching. Furthermore, it can also cause the game to crash and leave you frustrated.

  • Windows Compatibility

Problems may soon arise when your game is not compatible with Windows 10. Why is it so?

Well, some programs are not adjusted to the computer, and later it can create problems. 

  • Full-Screen Mode.

Your computer allows you to run the game in the full-screen view to smoothen the gameplay. But in some cases, that feature may interfere with the game and lead to launching errors.

  • Compatibility Issues

Another reason for the Dragon Age Inquisition launches error can be due to compatibility problems with your Windows 10 PC.

It happens because many programs are not adjustable to the architecture of your computer, and that can cause the game to stop.

Now that you understand the root cause of the error, let’s move ahead towards the solutions.

Five Solutions To Fix The Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Pc Error

Before trying our methods, make sure to restart your computer. In many cases, it can resolve the problems caused by a software fault.

Now, let’s check out some of the solutions that may help you to solve the Dragon Age Inquisition crash while launching.

Solution 1: Check Computer Specifications

Different games have different features, and they must be used in different ways. So the same goes for this game. 

In Dragon Age, if you want the computer to function, you need to make some little bit of specifications here and there. You can go through the following steps if Dragon Age Inquisition crashes on launch in your Windows 10.

5 Easy Ways To Fix Dragon Age Inquisition Won'T Launch Error
Check Computer Specifications

Step 1: Firstly, You Will Have To Press The Windows And R Keys Together. Once You Do That, You Need To Go To The ‘Run Box’ And Write ‘Dxdiag’.

Furthermore, press Enter key to make it work. If you can view the DirectDiagnostic Tool, it means this solution is working. If not, then it means your PC has corrupted files.

Step 2: Now, Go To The System Tab And Check The RAM, OS Version, And Direct X Version Of Your PC.

Step 3: In The Last Step, Go To The Display Tab And Make Sure The Graphics Card Is Functioning Properly.

Now, you can check if your computer is up to the mark or not.

Solution 2: Run The Game In Compatibility Mode

As we all know, Windows 10 is said to be the latest Operating system, but it still needs to work on certain problems, which a player might face while playing Dragon Age Inquisition.

Here are the steps to resolve this issue immediately:

Step 1: First Of All, Go To The Folder Where All Your Games Are Located. You Can Go To Game Installation Or Right-Click On The Game Icon. Then, Pick To Open The File’s Location.

Step 2: In The Second Step, You Have To Pick The Executable Game File. Next, Go To The Properties.

Step 3: After Completing The Above Step, Go To The Compatibility Tab And Tap On The Run Button.

Step 4: In The Final Step, You Must Run The Game To Check That The Problem Has Been Resolved.

Solution 3: Troubleshoot Compatibility

Many users do not have the latest version of Windows 10. If the same case is with you, then try to run them in compatibility mode.

To do that, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go To The Game Installation Folder And Open It. Next, Right-Click On The Game Executable.


Step 2: Tap On Properties And Then Select On The Compatibility Tab.

Step 3: After That, Tap On The Run Compatibility Troubleshooter Option.

Step 4: Then, Windows Will Automatically Find The Best OS Required To Run The Dragon Age Inquisition Game In Compatibility Mode.

Step 5: Next, Select Try Recommended Settings And Pick The Options Test.

Step 6: In The End, Save The Changes And Exit.

Do not forget to launch the game to see if the problem still exists.

Solution 4: Run A Clean Boot

A service running in the background may be the possible cause of the error. It could be any third-party app running on your PC or your Windows service.

These two things can stop the game from launching and functioning properly on your computer. To resolve that, perform a clean boot:

Step 1: First, Log In To The Computer As An Administrator.

Step 2: Tap On The Window Search Bar And Type Msconfig And Press Enter Key.

Step 3: Tap In Services And Tick The Hide All Microsoft Services Option.

Step 4: In The Fourth Step, Select The Disable All Option. Doing So Will Disable All Third-Party Services Running In The Background Of Your PC.

Step 5: After That, Right-Click On The Taskbar And Click On The Task Manager Option.

Step 6: Search The Startup Tab And Click On It. Do Not Forget To Disable All The Applications. Right-Click On The Program And Select Disable To Disable A Program.

Step 7: Next, Restart Your Computer System.

Step 8: Lastly, Re-Run The Dragon Age Inquisition Game To See If The Error Persists.

Solution 5: Re-Installing The Direct X And VC Redist

There are high chances that your files like Direct X and VC Redist are corrupted. In such cases, you will have to perform the reinstallation.

For Direct X:

Step 1: Locate C:\Program Files (X86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\__Installer\Directx\Redist With The Help Of The File Explorer.

Step 2: Then, Run The Dxsetup.Exe

Step 3: Finally, Replace The Previous Versions.

For Vc Redist:

Step 1: Locate C:\Program Files (X86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\__Installer\Vc.

Step 2: Inside The Folder, Run All The Vcredist.Exe Executables.

Step 3: Restart Your PC To See If The Error Still Exists Or Not.

If the issue persists, you can try other listed methods, which are mentioned below.

  • Verify Game Files
  • Disable Full-Screen Optimizations
  • Update Graphics Driver
  • Set Execution On Your Antivirus Software
  • Granting Administrative Privileges

Dragon Age Inquisition Launch Issue In Xbox One

5 Easy Ways To Fix Dragon Age Inquisition Won'T Launch Error
Dragon Age Inquisition Launch Issue In Xbox One

Many gamers ask others or Google: “My Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch 2020 Xbox One, what should I do?”

Some have complained that one day when they powered on their Xbox, it would launch, but after a short time, the game would crash to the dashboard.

Some also shared that while starting the game, it won’t work at all. It made them question what sparked the issue?

Are you having the same problem and wondering, whether there is a current fix or not?

If yes, then don’t worry, we have got the right solution to your problem. We have shared troubleshooting options in the table, which you can try to fix the error.

Let’s get going!

Method 1: Do a hard reset on XboxHold the power button and wait for the power bar light to turn amber. Then, restart your Xbox again.
Method 2: Unplug the power supplyThis method is a bit similar to the above, but this time, you need to unplug the power supply from the outlet and Xbox.
Method 3: Try to reset or reboot your routerSometimes, your internet could be a problem, so you can try rebooting or resetting the router.
Method 4: Offline ModeTry to run the game in offline mode and fix the Dragon Age Inquisition crashes on launch issue on Xbox.
Method 5: Sign out and remove your profileThis step is similar to the above, and the only thing you need to do is remove your profile, sign out, and then try to run the game.
Method 6: Disc & Blue-rayClear the storage in Disc & Blue-ray to resolve the issue.
Method 7: Clear the Mac AddressMake sure to clear your Mac Address under Network settings.
Method 8: Uninstall and reinstallTry uninstalling and reinstalling the game to fix the Dragon Age Inquisition won’t open error.
Method 9: Factory resetIf the above method still didn’t fix your problem, then try doing a full factory reset.

By now, your problem should be fixed, if it is still not, then get in touch with the Dragon Age help team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1: Why Is Dragon Age: Inquisition Banned?

Dragon Age: Inquisition got banned in countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan because the game has homosexual scenes.

The distributor for the game, Milestone Interactive did not want to face the wrath of the prudish segments of such society, so they decided to make it unavailable in these countries.

However, they did not comment or confirm on which local laws were breached. Some sources close to this matter have chosen to stay anonymous, and it revealed that some players felt offended by EA’s earlier games, such as Dante’s Inferno.

Sadly, the exact information of the judgment in the case is not released online, and some say that the publishers don’t want to risk another court case.

  • Question 2: Can I Play Dragon Age Origins On Windows 10?

Yes. The classic Dragon Age: Origins can be played in Windows 10 without any issue. As the game was launched more than a decade ago, some players may get an error on their computer.

But there is nothing to be worried about because these errors can be resolved quickly.

  • Question 3: Can You Run In Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Yes, you can run Dragon Age Inquisition on your Windows 10. All the mods will stay intact even if you play it to the completion, uninstall it, install other games, and reinstall it to play it back.

Our Final Thoughts On Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch Issue

That is all for today about the Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch Windows 10 error. We hope that our methods helped you to solve the issue, and make your game running smoother like butter.

The problems occur due to various reasons which we have covered at the beginning itself. Make sure to read each fix carefully and then choose the right method for you. In this guide, we have also covered solutions for the game on your Xbox.

If the error persists, then take help from a technical support team. For more gaming guides like this, check back with us daily.

Enjoy your game!

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