About Us

Technology is the reason why you and we are here and that is another reason why we chose this platform to spread information about the thing that fascinates us the most.

Our platform Reverepress came live in early May 2021 and brought our ideas in front of you. We feel delighted to share that it has been a long yet fruitful journey that led us here where you can find information on various important things and information that is rarely provided anywhere else.

About Reverepress:

The reason we decided to write blogs on video games, movies and technology altogether is that we have a passion for video games, and a fascination for technology. And since they both are inter-related, you get to see them both here on our platform.

Technology has come a long way in providing comfort, luxury, spreading knowledge, and shaping minds too, and since it has got no end, it is our duty to share all that we can to educate people more and more about the latest forms of technology and how to use it properly.

Talking about video games, according to Reverepress, video games are an interesting tool to help the future generation in decision making, in building confidence, and understanding how to come out of a difficult situation. Therefore, Reverepress believes in advocating video games by providing some lesser-known tricks, tips, and ways to play games in a better way and come out victorious.

But over time we decided to have a section for movies too. Not ordinary movies but the ones that a video gamer might like.

About the Team:

Gamers are intelligent and smart people and impressing them with a piece of information on something they like the most is not easy.

Therefore, a mind-blowing highly educated team was made to write flawless, useful, and factful blogs for you.

Our team is a group of individuals who understand Reverepress’s audience and knows how to provide them with the best, and that’s something Reverepress is always proud of.

The work we do:

Quality work has always been our priority and all we want is that none of our customers goes empty-handed when they visit Reverepress.

To ensure that our work is always up to the mark and exemplary, our research team puts in a lot of time to dig deeper into the topis that need expert attention and looking out for video games that have got the most queries.

Once this task is over, the information is then handed over to the next team where it gets processed by undergoing rounds of research and editing.

And then, after being doubly sure that the information is pitch-perfect for you to read, it is posted here on Reverepress’s website.

And we are sure our way of doing things is correct because so many people are connecting with Reverepress that it feels great to serve so many of you.

If you too are interested in joining Reverepress’s family for further information, mail us at:manisha.puri88@gmail.com